Jan 09
Imperfection is Perfect.. People can say A MILLION things about you.. YOUR STILL BEAUTIFUL

Imperfection is Perfect.. People can say A MILLION things about you.. YOUR STILL BEAUTIFUL

Jan 07

Im No Different Than Youu..

People just look at me
Look enough to stare
not noticing the inside of me
They just look at the clothes I wear
They don’t know how I feel
They think I’m always glad
But there’s something they don’t no
I’m the one who’s feeling sad
They think I always win
but really I always loose
they think my life is so great
but they couldn’t stay one day in my shoes
You may think I’m strong
You may think I’m tough
but you have no idea my life is so rough
every time I’m in my room
you’ll see water go down my eyes
you’ll ask me what’s wrong
I’ll put on a fake emotions
people say that I am to good to get hurt
but I’m just like everyone else
I wish that could work
everybody says I look to good
and I’m just a tease
but I cry my eyes out then put on a cheeze
when love came into my life
surprisingly that was something I feared
I never thought I’d be feeling like this in all my 15 years
yes I’ve been in love
yes I got hurt
you would of thought all she do is fight & flirt
but you are wrong about everything
I was wrong at it to
now I see love’s agony
and what it can do
that’s why I’m here
to throw away this stress & strife
to start all over
maybe a new life
but people over here
is the same as over there
they just look at your appearance
and the style of your hair
never to look in the inside of me
never to care
I was brought into this world
realizing life’s not fair
so if you really think…….
I look to good
I dress to nice
I never get hurt
I’ll never stay by a guy side
and the word love
I can’t describe
your wrong about that too
I’m just like everyone else around me

No Different Than You…

Nov 30

The Perfect Guy

Countless nights I stay and pray 
And hope that God brings a better day 
one with less tears
where I can love with fewer fears
the wrong boys play with my mind
the good men are hard to find
I’ve been searching my whole life for that special chance
the perfect time the perfect guy the one perfect romance
the person I can trust with my life 
the person that will call me “wife”
but until then I’ll just stay and pray 
with the hope that God will bring a better day.

Nov 30

I Fell So Deep -MT

Although I speak about you so much
Although everyone can see it
I would never admit it
Admit how I feel
When I first met you
I just thought it was a silly crush
Over time it grew on me; you grew on me
I found myself smiling, then I found myself thinking of you
I tried not to cry, but tears still broke through
I always asked myself could it be true? 
Or is this just a one off thing
You made me smile, you made me feel special
I know you don’t feel the same, but I want you too
I’ve never admitted this to no one, not even you
I think I’ve fallen in love with you

Nov 15

Ink.Stories.: Drugs And Ink →


Love in the air. Holding my breathe to get a taste. Never seen love up close. Just a ghost in my life. Ghost writing about love, writing what i hear spoken in my ear. Living for today, learning from yesterday, planning for the future. Building a space ship. Goal is the moon, if i miss i will crash…


Nov 14


Another 24 hours poured into the cement
Living through another’s persons regrets..
Just one piece of a puzzle, too big to comprehend
Cant see the end, left the lights on again
In the past, the future looked too close to hold..
And now the present seems like it’s too close and cold
Inside myself looking out; it all seems fake
Whatever motivates, the day puts it away
Used to be apathetic, loved the only one living
I’m speaking to the world, but I’m the only one in it
Your eyes couldn’t watch the way the world spins
I’ll sit there and watch on the day the world ends
If its burns then, and flows in the wind
I’ll hold what I learned and start it over again

Because who knows if your steps are planned out..
I feel lost, and no body’s there to stick a hand out;
A woman now.. because I felt too strong
And I feel like I lived with my self too long
This isn’t the right time or place for these words
We don’t have the right kind of space for these birds
If we all could fly, If we all could cry
Everybody would laugh, and we all would die
The sky hangs over my head, I can feel the weight
Conceal my fate, and let me just deal with hate
I lost compassion, everything’s cold when its near us
I spend to much time with my soul in this mirror…

Nov 14

Can you understand??


if I told you my life story,
would you listen…
would you understand?
would you cry as I have cried?

I am human,
though others don’t see it,
the say I’m emo,
they say I’m Gothic,
they say I’m a devil worshiper

who are they to judge me?
I am who I am,
but who would know that?

you have given birth to me,
you gave me life
father you were barely there for me,
sister you watched me as I took the pills,
brother, you have criticized me,
you have hurt me.

if I told you why I did it,
you would not understand
for you have never understood me.

who would even care if I died?
no one!
Im a nobody…

Now Im Dead To Everyone
Cause They Didnt Understand…

Oct 24

Time Machine.

what are we all looking for in life?
me I’m looking for a time machine,
I wish to go back in time and stop myself from letting him go,
he was my love,
my air,
my reason I got up in the morning,
and now he’s gone.
Gone because of me,
I let him go cause I couldn’t handle the stress,
we were fighting all the time, because of me.
Gone because I wanted to hang with who ever I wanted.
Gone because of my selfishness
Gone because I was to stupid to see what I HAD,
I had a man that loved me too death
A man that would go to the end a the earth
just to say he loved me.
and now he’s gone
If I could go back in time
I would make it so we were the way we were at the beginning
I think of him every night
every minute of every day

Oct 15
Oct 15

“Yes sir it’s Bobby Ray/ AKA B.o.B/ I can’t be eco conscious/ I’m always burning trees…”


“Yes sir it’s Bobby Ray/ AKA B.o.B/ I can’t be eco conscious/ I’m always burning trees…”